Life Changing Motivational Story of Rudy

If every person of the world says to you, that the work you want to do, you can't do at all. Would you like to do this work. I think that doing of this work is very far you can't thought about this work. But some peoples of the world is like that fought the storms and achieve her goal.
Childrens Play Football

 This story starts from Joliet Illinois City of US. The  story is about 1960. Here are some childrens playing football with together they are all brothers. Out of all childrens one is Rudy. Rudy is very interested in football he watch every match of football .Every time he thought about football But nobody focus at Rudy's goal because Rudy do not have a physical appearance that should should for a football player. One day Rudy's all family was doing dinner with together. Suddenly Rudy said that He would want play football for Notre Dame Team after high school. 
All family members starts laughed at his.
His father didn't want to make joke of his but when he heard that Rudy wants to play football for Notre Dame Team .He did not control at his laughter.Time passed continously. One day Rudy shit in his class. His teacher  says to Rudy that those take A+ grade in dreams .They don't achieve any grade in real life.
After sometime Rudy's teacher announced that a visit  is arranged in Notre Dame University towards to School.Any childrens want to take admission in Notre Dame University . They can go tomorrow.

Next day all childrens and Rudy is go to Notre Dame University for visit.
 When Rudy is climb up in bus. His teacher saw that and asked him where are you going. Rudy says that I also  want to visit in Notre Dame University .

May be  I will get admission in  this University. His teacher says that every person doesn't born to do everything and also say that you don't have a sufficient grade that is  required for Notre Dame University.

 His teacher also say that .Notre Dame University is not for everyone it is only for intelligent students .

 His teacher don't let go Rudy to Notre Dame University. 

Days go by and those things happen  four years. Now, Rudy works with his father in a steel factory.He have a friend in this factory. 

When Rudy's birthday is come.His friend give him a jacket that is  Notre Dame Team.
When Rudy wear this jacket his friend saw him and said him that it looks like you are made for this jacket.

No one believes on Rudy except his friend Peal.
 Peal is only the person that has trust on Rudy. That one day Rudy will achieve her Goals.

Everybody makes joke of Rudy except his friend Peal. One day a boy his name frank  makes joke of Rudy then his friend Peal also faught him .

But unfortunately Peal didn't more together with Rudy. One day there is a blast due to over pressure in the steel company, in which the life of the Peal is lost.

Rudy felt very sad when Peal left this world because Rudy had only one friend that believes on him.

 After some days Rudy said his girlfriend that he should go to Notre Damn University. But His girlfriend said to Rudy this is not correct time to go Notre Dame University. Rudy said that if I didn't go.Then I will not never become a good person for you and my family.

Now, Rudy go to the Railway Station. 
When He wait of train his father come to meet for him and said that  It would be nice if you took leave instead of Notre Dame University . 

His father tells him that my father had a good job but the idea of ​​doing his business came up in his mind. 
 They bought land outside the city to do their business and Starts animal husbandry.
Due to any disease all animals had been die. Due to this Shock his grandfather went so far from the city and he did not come back ever.
His father also said that Notre Dame is not for us. it is only for rich and smart kids.

His father give some examples of his friends like Frank, John and others that  did better in his life.But Rudy said that I didn't want to make like him.I will be what my heart wants.

Now, He go to Notre Dame university by car.
Now Rudy reached in Notre Dame University.But now it is happening at night. He would tell the guard that he want to take admission in Notre Dame University. The guard  say that the admission room is closed now. You can meet from father . Rudy asked the father room from guard then he go to meet the father. 

He said to father that he want to take admission in Notre Dame University but he know that he did not have a sufficient grade for Notre Dame University because he did not apply never for admission in Notre Dame University but he could study 20 hours continuously. Father said that it is not easy to anyone take admission in this University . 
Notre Dame University-Image is taken from. Google. 

Rudy said I know.  But since childhood everyone's saying to me what you should do and what you shouldn't do. I listened to everyone but now I will do as my hearts wants. Father is very happy to see this passion of Rudy and says that I give you a chance. I will get you admission in the side college, if you bring good marks in the first semester then you will be transferred here. 

Rudy gone from here . Now Rudy goes to the Notre Dame Ground. Where Rudy saw the all match of Notre Dame Team since childhood. 
Now guard says to Rudy that you should not here. Rudy say to guard that one day I will come from the entry gate and you will see me. 
Guard says that this day  will not come never . 

Now Rudy went from  here and go to the Hooley Cross College where he takes admission. 
Next day Rudy goes to class he studies a lot. He has a problem of any disease so he did not study in proper way. 

Rudy's teacher have a assistance. His name is Deebok. He say to Rudy that he will help his but in return Rudy will help to make girlfriend for him. Rudy agree his bet. 

Now Deebok starts help to Rudy in study and also Rudy search a girlfriend for him. 
Now Rudy go to that ground where Notre Dame Team do practice for match. But he didn't allow because he is not a student of Notre Dame University. He say to Guard that he will help her to cleaning ground because he want to understand this ground in proper way. 
Guard agree his bet and say that but you will achieve very less amount for this.Rudy say ok I am ready. 

Now Rudy starts works in this ground and also do focus on his study. 

He is also talking to girls for Deebok .But Rudy did not have any place for living.  So he  enter the college through the window in the night when all college is empty and that's how he is spending the days in this city.

One-day there is a match of Notre Dame University but He doesn't have money for match ticket. He Request many persons to help him to see the match but nobody helps him.
This wish of rudy is had been uncomplete. He goes there quietly. Now, Rudy is paying full attention to study, he has to bring an A grade.
But he didn't achieve A grade in first semester. He achieve B grade. Father says to Rudy until you did not achieve A grade you  could not take admission in Notre  Dame University. 

On Christmas Day Rudy go to his home. When his father saw his grade he felt very happy. Rudy say his father that he want to play  in Notre Dame Team. Rudy's  brother make fun of his and says that you achieve B grade it does not mean that you have become a genius. 
After sometime Rudy's another brother is come . Rudy see that his girlfriend Sherry is with his brother in relationship. Rudy does not like seeing this at all. He go to back at that time . 

Now Rudy doing study and Football practice with full efforts. He want to achieve A grade in every condition. Now he do study harder than ever. 

But still he did not achieve A grade. Rudy felt very sad. But he did not loss  hope. Now he do study more than ever. 
When 3rd semister results is comes out. Rudy saw that again he didn't achieve A grade.

 Rudy gets very frustrated on seeing this. Because if he did not achieve A grade in this semester. He will never complete his dreams.He couldn't take admission in Notre Dame University because senior student couldn't take admission in Notre Dame University. Rudy did not lose hope even after three failed attempts. 

He continue study more than ever. Now, 4th Semester result is comes out. 
He saw this results outside from the college .When he sit in the park. In this result he achieved  A grade he felt very happy because Now he could fulfilled his dreams.

Now he would able to take admission in  Notre Dame University. Now he go to to the steel factory where he did work  4 years. Where he lost his friend. He sees a letter to his father who belongs to Notre Dame University. 
That is, Rudy gets admission in Notre Dame University. His father becomes very happy .

Rudy say to his father  that I have shown do , His father say, yes, you have shown  my son. Rudy's brother is also present here who demotivate Rudy  everytime. But Rudy do not say anything to his brother. His father say  to Rudy that he should stop at home for some days. Rudy say to his father that football trials will starting soon and he will do practice. 
After come in the Notre Dame University .he reach in the ground where Notre Dame University do practice. 

Here are 95 players who want to give trial for football. Out of 95 players two player will be select for main team. All player starts practice here . However Rudy don't have physical appearance that should for football player but he did practice from his all efforts.
As the spirit is inside Rudy, It is not inside anyone, He is also injured many times. He also gets hurt yet he does not back down. 
After 5 days practice .

2 Coach will select players for main team. Junior coach didn't want that Rudy will play for Main Team but Senior Coach want that Rudy should play for main team because he saw Rudy's passion of practice. This passion is not inside anyone in here. Rudy's coach select him for football team and  say that if Rudy  would continue this type of practice still five months. Then he could be able to play in main team  . 

Now Rudy is  selected for main Notre Dame Team. He would be able to complete his dreams. He feels very happy because he have a chance to complete his childhood dreams. 

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Motivation Thought with Image

Rudy went to meet the Fortune. ( Fortune is that person who gave work for Rudy in the Notre Dame University Ground and gave him a key of maintainance room so that Rudy able to sleep comfortabality) . Rudy gives back key to Fortune. But Fortune say that i don't know  anything about this key .  He doesn't accept that He even give the key to Rudy because if anyone finds out that this key is give to Rudy by Fortune. He would be lost his Job. But Rudy know that only Fortune is the person that gave key him. So Rudy kept the key near the Fortune and Say that when I will come wear the Notre Dame Team dress from the entry gate you will  come to see my match on that day. Because Fortune tells him that he never seen any match of Notre Damn Team . However he works at here but he doesn't never seen any match. Fortune is  person that told go back to Rudy.

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Rudy said that one day I will be come wear the dress of Notre Dame Team from entry gate and you will see me. Fortune say that when you will wear Notre Dame Team dress. Ofcourse I will come to see your match.

Now the practice of Rudy is start. He works hard in his practice. However He fall down and  injured also many times.

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But still there no shortage comes in his passion. The truth is that the other players of the team is stronger than Rudy.

Now Rudy's practice is finished. He go to his coach and say thanks for everything and say that I had learnt many things in this year.

God make many players of football but I am not from them.

His coach say I wish there was another player like you in my team who would have such passion.

And he say to Rudy what's you want. Rudy say that my father has a dream to see the match of Notre Dame Team from ground .He doesn't love much more anything in the world from Notre Dame Team. 

Coach say that you want to play football for your father. Rudy say no, I want to play football for all of these. Those say to me that you will couldn't never play football in Notre Dame Team. 

Those  demotivated me everytime. That's say you can't do never .

Why  ( Daniel Eugene " Rudy " Ruetigger)  want to leave play Football? 

Rudy say to coach that I want to play only one match in the next season.

Coach say ok. I will include you in the next season.

After this, Rudy call his father and said that I have been selected for main Notre Dame Team. Next season our matches is start. You would come to see my match because his father never seen any match from the ground. He saw every match in TV at home.

Before he gets a chance to play, coach who are here.

They retired here and new coach is come at their place.

Rudy practice here, But when the list of players appears, it does not have the name of the Rudy. Rudy felt very sad from this. But He continues work hard. 

There seems to be one list after another, but in all of them, the name of the Rudy does not appear in any.

All player feel very sad. 

Now,  Rudy  take decision that he will never play football for Notre Dame Team. 

How Rudy comes back in Team Again ?

Now he go to meet the Fortune and say that he is leaving football for always. 

Fortune said that since  two years you doing work hard continuously and now you give up.

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 Rudy says that I wanted to prove to my father and friends that I can become a football player.

Fortune says that you do not need to prove anything to anyone. You just have to prove yourself.

Rudy  say, I am sorry because of me you will not able to see your first match in your life. 

Fortune says I had seen many match in this ground. But not as Audience. 

Rudy say, Was you in Notre Dame team. 

Fortune,  say yes. 

But I never get a chance to play for Notre Dame Team . 

I waited for two years. I think that I am black .So I am not able to play match. 

From this, A attitude cames in my mind so  I leaved football. 

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 I regret that thing till today.

So,Till day  I'm not come to see any match. 

Fortune say to Rudy that you have a golden chance for complete your dreams. This golden chance will never come. 

Rudy gets a sense of fortune and he reach again  in the ground for practice. 

All players and his old coaches are becomes very happy to see Rudy. 

After practice all  players goes in the coaches  room . All players Take off  his Team jerseys and gives it to the coach. And say that include the Rudy at our place.

Not even wanting coach have to include Rudy in main Team . 

However it is not in main team. He is in extra players. 

But Rudy's dream is that he will to come  wear jersey of Notre Dame Team from entry gate.

Now he call his brother to come to see my match and Bring Daddy along.

Now, That day is comes.

 When Rudy wear the jersey of Notre dame Team and comes from the entry gate with other players.

This is Rudy's childhood dream. That dream whose everyone make fun of him.

His brothers, his friends, meel workers and also his father.

But today Rudy has been proved that if you have courage, if you think positive, if you have passion then you can do everything in the world.

How ( Daniel Eugene (" Rudy ") Ruetigger) play his first match? 

Now match has been start. Notre Dame Team do Good Performance.

When all players of with him say to coach that Coach should play Rudy with  them .Because he is currently in extra players. Then coach Clearly refuses them.

One players of the team say to audience that speak Rudy, Rudy loudly.

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All audience start up scream Rudy, Rudy.All are shocked to hear this, Commenters, Coach and Also Rudy. But Rudy's coach didn't want to play Rudy. He doesn't want to take any risk above Notre Dame Team.

Notre Dame Team makes good score.Because of his Teammate Rudy get a chance to play football.Rudy felt very happy because his surrounding thousand of audience. His dad becomes very happy because he saw all matches of Notre Dame Team but today his own son playing in Notre Dame Team.

Now, The ball has in other  players hand . They needs only one goal. Both teams runs towards each other.Then Rudy catch the player that had ball.

Now the Goal time of other team is lost because of Rudy. Notre Dame Team becomes win.All players with Rudy pick it up on his shoulders and carry him out of the Ground.

Since 1975 till today never ever like event not done.This is one type of History.


However Rudy's body did not like football players.

 But the seed ( The Dream) that grew in his mind it becomes a big tree.

 No one  have degree of any university in Rudy's family but after Rudy everyone achieve The University degree. 

Rudy is a part of big family. They are 14 siblings including Rudy . 

From this story we get the education that if you have strength in your dreams you can do everything.


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