What is Business and benefits of Business - earningsuite.

      What is Business and  benefits of  Business - earningsuite.

There are only two ways to work. One you do as a boss and the other you do as a servant.
Do you want to become a boss or a servant ?

What we need to be a good and successful businessman is that we have to work hard and be patience and have confidence in ourselves that you will make a successful businessman. Millions of people have seen jobs, but till date no one has been able to become a millionaire billionaire and neither has been able to fulfill the dreams of himself and his family.

 What is Business and benefits of business? 
A Business is defined as an organization, Professional, Industrial, or Commercial Activities.Business is a process of making money by Selling, Buying or Producing Goods.

What is Business and  benefits of  Business - earningsuite.
 If you want to become a boss then you should do business and if you want to become a servant then you should do a job. Always remember that if you want to fulfill your and your family's dreams, then you should do business and not do jobs. Business! One important thing of business it's do anyone. The biggest feature of business is that even an illiterate person can do it. To succeed in business, you have to devote your time and your mind for yourself so that you can achieve such success by working hard within the next 5 to 10 years or within 20 years, so that your coming breeds will be able to do this for thousands of years. They deserve to rule the world.
What is Business and  benefits of  Business - earningsuite.

 For Example: Business is like a mango tree. After spending 4 years working on it. Do you take full advantage of it for the next 200 years? You have done 4 to 6 years or 10 years of hard work in business, you have success for thousands of years to come. 

  •  Advantages of Business 

The biggest advantage of doing business is that whatever you spend time in business for 5 to 10 years and 20 years, you work hard. The benefit of all of that comes to your upcoming generation, so that it is a much better way to move forward. If you have not a degree so even then you will make a big Businessman. A businessman always have much time and money for their families. In simple way that we do work for themselves, so we can this a business. 

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  •  Types of Business

There are Four types of Business :
(a) Traditional Business. 
 (b) Sales Man Business. 
 (c) Franchise Business. 
 (d) Direct Sale Business . 

Now I explain one by one business.

 (a). Traditional Business : The work that we do from generation to generation. 

For example: Your Grandfather + Your Father+ You + Your Son + Your Grandsons + And Their sons+ and so on.

 (b). Sales Man Business : The work that we do from door to door, home to home , shop to shop and village to village.everywhere need to bargening for sale. This business have major problems of bargening part.

 For example: Like as vendors.

 (c). Franchise Business : The work that we do from another person's name. This type of business have need to highest investment for starting. We have need to another person's franchise L+S+A

(L+S+A=License+System+Authority). Every year have need to renew of licence. 

For example: Like as Adidas,Puma,Reebok,Bikaneri,Nike , Levies,Red chief etc.
These are all foreign brands. If anybody want to do this business so have need to franchise of their brand owners(L+S+A)

 (d). Direct Sale Business: After manufacturing a product ready to sale and we use a simple, easy and shortcuts way to sale.Like Factory to Company to Distributers to customers. 

 For example: Online Shopping, Outlet, Godown to buy. 

 (D) Direct Sale Business :Direct Sale Business is one of the best business in the world. Totally smart work use with IT sector. Direct Sale Business rise a future maker business for today young generation. 
What is Business and  benefits of  Business - earningsuite.

  Difference Between a Job and Business


 JOB Means.(Join Other's  Business) 

 (Basic Points) (a). You know that if you want to be a good job so you have need a Bachelor and Master degree then you have suitable for it and otherwise not.

 (b). In yours starting phase doing work a lowest amount of salary because you are a fresher and have no experience and you are accept it.
 (c). You are always waiting for your growths year to year with one and two thousand much to much and not have to more then it.
 (d). You have need to compromise your and your family dreams, needs, target,aims, vision and etc. 
 (e). One day you must be realized you never be completed your and your family needs and dreams.
 (f). And one important thing I reminding you.your many years job experience never be proved beneficial for your children and your next generation. 
 (g). Finally You feel got them till today not anyone make a Millionaire and Billionaire to job. BUSINESS! You found always in your surrounding two thinking categories peoples. We can say first is thinkers and second is action taker. Many peoples think their have some God gift qualities | And that's right I agree for it. But one thing you Always remember peoples have two biggest God gifted qualities.One is skill power and second is will power. 

 I know that in your mind have creating a question. What Is the skill power and Will power ?  If you want to know about will power and skill power check another post in Business label. 

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