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Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous online ultimate survival shooter game, which is available for both Android and PC.
#Best Characters in free fire | #Free Fire best characters | Earningsuite
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 Where 49 players seek and fight against one another and try to long survival. This ultimate survival shooter game has become more popular day by day after restriction of PUBG Mobile in India. 

It is also the most downloaded game globally in 2020. Free Fire has 50Cr + downloads because of his unique qualities.

Free Fire has many modes, such as Clash Squads, Gun King, Cosmo Racer, Battle Royales and many more. Rank mode is one of the famous modes in Battle Royales, which is the most favourable mode in Free Fire. 

Players choose their best character out of 39 characters for rank pushing and score high, because characters help in long survival and also help in fair gameplay. Some players ask about which are the best characters in Free Fire.

Presently, there are 39 characters in the Free Fire store and each character has a unique ability except Nulla and Primis. 

The ability of characters helps a lot of players during gameplay. Players choose their best character according to their gameplay style and modes. Players can buy their favourite characters from Free Fire store by Diamonds and Golds.

Today I will tell you which are the best characters in free fire for Battle Royale Mode as well as Clash Squad modes. This article is only about the best characters in Free Fire 2021. So, stay continued till the end.

#Top characters in Free Fire for every mode.


Who is the best character in free fire? best characters in free fire - Earningsuite

Free Fire trending character WUKONG became popular day by day because of his unique ability Camouflage .

 It transforms into a bush, lasting for 10s . CD 300s. Transformation stops when WUKONG attacks someone. CD resets when WUKONG takes down an enemy. His transformation duration increased upto 15s at level 6 and CD decreased 200s at maximum level.

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At the moment, players give priority to choosing Wukong because it is the best character for Battle Royale as well as the Clash squad. 

No one enemy can damage the WUKONG inside the CAMOUFLAGE and also WUKONG apply Glow wall from inside the CAMOUFLAGE.

At the moment, players give priority to WUKONG because they easily abstain when someone attacks him, they can easily revive their teammates and one of the best things is that they easily run away when they don’t have any Glow wall.

If you are a Battle Royale and Clash squad player, then you should choose WUKONG.

#2 – Skyler

Which is the best character in free fire 2021 - Earningsuite

Riptide Rhythm is an active ability of Skyler. It unleashes a sonic wave forward, that breaks 5 gloo walls within 50m range, CD 60s at 1st level. Also, each gloo wall deployed will result in increasing HP recovery beginning from 4 points. Recovery effects do not stack. 

His range will increase upto level 100, CD decrease at 40, HP recovery beginning from 9 points when you will boost his full level.

This character is most recommended for Clash Squad more and a better option for Battle Royale mode.

#3 - Chrono

Best characters in free fire 2020 | Top free fire characters.

Chrono that has a unique active ability known as Time Turner creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from opponents. One can fire at outside foes from within a force field. Movement speed increases by 5% . 

All effects last for 3s, CD 200s at first level. You can upgrade his active skill to max 6 level by using a character level up card. 

His active ability Time Turner’s duration increases upto 8, Agility increases upto 15 and CD decreases at 170s and his movement speed is boosted upto 30% , whereas the opponents movement speed increases by 15% .

The peculiarity of Time Turner is that you can damage enemies inside from Time Turner and its force field blocks 600 damage of the opponents. 

When someone enters this force field, he/she will receive a 10% increase in movement speed. It is also a better option for all types of modes.


Best characters in free fire | Free Fire best characters - Earningsuite

DJ ALOK is one of the most popular characters in Free Fire. It is also on top of most selling characters in Free Fire. 

The respect given to DJ ALOK by the players, has hardly been given to any characters in Free Fire. Except Free Fire, it is popular in his singing passion.

DJ ALOK has a special active ability in Free Fire that is known as DROP THE BEAT. It creates a 5m aura that increases ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP/s for 5 seconds at level 1. Cannot be stacked.

His Aura Duration and Agility increases upto 10 to 15 at maximum level 6. This most favorable character is recommended for all modes, whether they are Battle Royal modes or others. 

This character also helps in rank pushing and recovering your HP when you Rush at enemy. DJ Alok is also included in the top 10 best characters in free fire.

Players prefer to buy DJ ALOK when they are new in games or when they don’t DJ AlOK character in free fire. You can buy this character easily from the Free Fire Store.

#K -  ( Captain Booyah ) 

Which is the best character in free fire - Earningsuite

K which is commonly known as Captain Booyah, recently added in Free Fire. It is also included in best characters in free fire 2021 because of his special active ability MASTER OF ALL .

MASTER OF ALL increases your max EP by 50. Jiu – Jitsu Mode : Allies with in 6m get 500% increases in EP conversation rate.

Psychology Mode : Recover 2 EP every 3s, upto 100 EP . Mode switch CD : 3s.his special active ability make it strongest character in free fire.

His Ability duration decrease upto 2 at max level 6. Selecting K character in any mode is a better opinion.

K included at no. 5 in the list of top characters in free fire 2021.

These are the best characters in free fire for all modes, If you have any query or you want to more posts about free fire best characters. Feel Free and ask your question in the comment box.

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