#Introduction Of Fashion. 
Fashion history of world | Fashion in 19 century and Fashion in present time.  earningsuite

Fashion is a custom by a human on our earth that begins with the birth of a human born on this earth and ends at his or her death.Today, fashion is going on the earth like air or we can also say that fashion is going on earth faster than time.Fashion recognizes the time and tells us. In which era are we living or can also say that fashion itself is a time. There is an identity for this world, for the people of this world.

There are three types of fashion.

(A) Garments.(All types clothes product.)

(B) Cosmetics.(All types makeup product.)

(C) Accessories.(All types decoration product.)

#Definitions Of Fashion. 

(i) The things that a human uses on his body to enhance his beauty or to make himself beautiful, is called fashion.

(ii) Fashion is used by human beings to make themselves or objects around them beautiful or beautiful.

(iii) Humans also fashion to make their objects beautiful as well as to make them look beautiful.

#Some Basic Points Of Fashion Explanation?

(i) Fashion is growing everyday.

(ii) Fashion can never end.

(iii) Fashion changes everyday.

(iv) Fashion is our need.

(v) Fashion is important for us.

(vi) Fashion is an art.

(vii) Fashion is like a time.

(viii) Fashion is our identity.

(ix) Fashion enhances our beauty.

(x) Fashion is the language of a time.

(xi) Fashion is our emotions.

(xii) Fashion is a joy of our life.

(xiii) Fashion is a way of life.

(xiv) Fashion is a business.

(xv) Fashion is an attraction for our life.

(xvi) Fashion is a dream world.

(xvii) Fashion is a love for life.

(xviii) Fashion is a bond of life.

(xix) Fashion is a thought of the times.

(xx) Fashion is a decoration of life.

(xxi) Fashion is an education of beauty.

(xxii) Fashion is a change in life.

(xxii) Fashion is a wish of life.

#History Of Fashion OR Born Of Fashion?

If we talk about the history of fashion, in the beginning, in the name of fashion, man knew only to cover his body or he thought it necessary to cover his body.

We all have come to know through books, stories, photographs or films that humans used to live without clothes during the beginning of the world.Man first started covering his body with the leaves of tree plants in the name of fashion.Time passed slowly. After that, humans used animal skins or skin to cover their bodies in the name of fashion.In the beginning, humans used to use clothes only to cover their body or body or it was considered a necessity to cover the body.In the history of fashion, man used to think only of covering his body. It was not human to think about dressing or looking or looking beautiful.

#Fashion In 19 Century. 

The 19 Century is the time in the human world in which humans had fully learned how to decorate their lives and their world in fashion.In 19 Century, man had progressed in every aspect of his life.And had learned to live his life according to his mind and to decorate himself in the name of fashion.In this era, man had learned thousands of types of fashion to enhance his beauty.In this era, man had enhanced beauty than fashion. Along with that, everything that was used in her life had made her beautiful and beautiful.In this century, humans started making and using millions of types of clothes according to their desire to increase their beauty.And also made thousands of cosmetic items and started using them too. To preserve its beauty.And even then, to make her beauty more fashionable, thousands of accessories items were made and started using them.In this century, fashion went so much that human life had become a fashion and everything in the world was becoming fashionable and started to run.

Fashion history of world | Fashion in 19 century and Fashion in present time.  earningsuite
This image is taken from fashionhistory.fitnyc.edu

We can say that in this century, fashion had become fully involved in human life and fashion had spread in every human breath and in human thinking.

#Fashion In At Present Time (20th And 21st Century Time) . 

Human life has become a modern fashion in this century. It seems that human beings are doing more types of fashion in their lives today than there are human beings on this earth.From birth to death, from morning to evening, from night to day, from sleep to wake up, from food to bath to earning to spending, fashion has been included in everything.

Fashion has become such a part of our lives today. Today there is nothing in the world that does not include fashion.The glow of fashion has colored our bodies as well as our homes, our dreams, our thinking in this way. By its brightness.

Today, without fashion, everything seems useless.Fashion has made our life beautiful along with our beauty and has explained the true meaning of living life.Fashion has made everything in our life beautiful and lovely.Fashion has explained to us the real value of our life and ours.Before this century, people used to buy clothes only and only on weddings or festivals, but today due to fashion, man is buying new clothes everyday. To enhance your beauty.And to change themselves along with fashion.Today, fashion has become involved in our lives in such a way that without fashion, everything now seems to be a useless purpose. Therefore, to maintain our value and beauty, we need to follow along with fashion.

#Today Need Of Fashion

Fashion has become the greatest need of human beings living on the earth today.It has become necessary for us to do fashion to keep up with the times.If we stop doing fashion now everything will start to look strange.Fashion has become our identity along with the need of all of us humans today. If we have to fulfill our needs and maintain our identity, then fashion has to be done.Fashion tells us which century and in which country do we live?Fashion has become a habit of people all over the world as if fashion is of no value to us.Today fashion does not need people but people need fashion.Everyone loves to do fashion and fashion helps us to keep us happy.In simple language, fashion is the time and we need to move and change with the times.

#Religious And Emotionally Attachment Of Fashion?

#Religious Attachment In Fashion?

Fashion is present in our religious customs.Fashion recognizes our religions, keeps our culture alive. Fashion keeps people of all religions together and fashion presents religions in a better way.Fashion identifies people of all religions and religions and makes our festivals beautiful.Our lives include thousands of religious festivals or customs in which fashion has become fully involved. Fashion makes our religious festivals beautiful and memorable.

#Emotionally Attachment In Fashion?

Fashion identifies our emotions Fashion identifies both human suffering and happiness separately.We are happy that the fashion is different at that time and we are sad that the fashion is different at that time.There are many such customs in weddings or festivals to which our emotional attachment is attached.Which we make fashion a beautiful fashion is an art is a pleasure to keep everyone happy.Our emotion is attached to the fashion that we do at weddings or festivals.Or the fashion that we did in our childhood is associated with our childhood memories and emotions.Fashion is a journey of our life and in that journey thousands of moments are remembered here which are always remembered.That's why fashion keeps us connected with our memories emotions.

#Today Demand Of Fashion?

In this world full of dreams, no matter how many new fashions are needed every day.In this dream world full of fashion, no one knows how many new fashions come every day and all of them become old in a moment.You may have seen crores of faces in the world, but fashion itself is a face and in this world, there are not many faces of human beings, more fashion faces are seen in the world.In this fashion-laden world, every person is crazy and fond of habitual.Every person has a different fashion world and he is very happy in it.Fashion always moves forward like time. Always moves towards new times. In the same way, fashion is always moving towards new fashion. In a moment, the new moment becomes old. Similarly, new fashion also becomes old in a moment.Therefore, there is always a demand for new fashion in the fashion world.Humans are always in search of a new fashion to preserve their beauty.That is why in this fashion-filled world, there is always a demand for a new fashion.

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