How to develop interest in studies | How to improve concentration and focus in study - earningsuite

How to develop interest in studies | How to improve concentration and focus in study - earningsuite

Education is a part of our life but presently it has become our life. Without education there is no value of human in the world. This is one of the most powerful weapon in the world from which you can change your whole life, community, your nation and whole world. 

As Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can change the world. Nelson Mandela has said right because education is really a solution key of all problems of your life. If you want to become a successful person, if you want to be the rich, whether you want to any achievement of life you need to be educated.

 Study is a process that will never die , Every human keep learning from study till the end of his life. Education creates ideas in your mind, education shows you right path of life, education helps to change your society, education solves all problems of your life.


One of the biggest problem of 90% peoples is that they can't study consistently. They distract again and again and become lazy. Instead of study, they make more interest in social media platforms. They lose their interest from study day by day.

It is very easy to lose interest from study but it is very difficult to get it back again. It's a normally problem of all peoples in the world but don’t worry we have solution of this problem.

[ "Life pushes you every time, but don’t compromise with your study.

Do not let your studies become a victim of trouble. ]

Just like other peoples if you has lost your interest from study and want to get it back again. So stay continue till the end. Because today I will tell you How to develop interest in studies? and How to improve concentration and focus in study?

So let get start. 

#Connect your study with your Dream.

If human does any work then he has a goal behind this, like a laborer works for money. If the laborer does not get wages, he will not be ready to work quickly.

How to develop interest in studies | How to improve concentration and focus in study - earningsuite

 Exactly, if you study, you should have any goal behind this. Why do you want to study? Either you want to become a successful person or you want to achieve anything. If you have to achieve your goals, you have to study. Think ,without study you will never become a Successful or Never fulfill your dreams. So connect your study with your Goals or with your Dreams which you want to achieve in your next few years.

Actually most people’s have dream not any proper goal in future. If you haven’t any goal or any reason behind the study, you will never ever get interest in study. You will get interest in study only when you have goal. If you have any goal or any dream, then you should have crave until you will not complete it.

You can only tolerate the problems of education, when you have any goal or any reason behind this. Today, the pain you are feel from study it will becomes pleasure for you in future. This pain gives you lot of happiness in future. The roots of education are bitter but it’s fruits are very sweet, like a bitter melon is bitter in taste but most of times it is good for health.

If you keep your dreams in front of you while study and will think that I only studying for achieve my goals and I have to make my dreams come true in every situation. Definitely your interest in study will increase. This is only the way of increase focus in study, so connect your study with your dream or your goals, which you want to achieve in future.

#Make a vision board. 

Make a vision board in your room and hang those pictures which you want to achieve in future, hang your favourite car photos which you want to achieve in future. That gives you a positive distraction while you will not study . When you see this board you become motivate, you will become curious to study.

#Relax before study. 

It is very necessary to clear your mind from all stresses. Until you are in stress, you will not able to concentrate in your study. So, Before study clear your mind from all stresses , whether you will meditation or other. This will improve your concentration and focus in study.

#Make your mind greedy. 

The mind of every person mostly prefer greed . It is better for every person that He/She make your mind greedy in study rather than worldliness. If you will think to study long hours then your mind will not ready quickly. Instead this, if you will give greed of less time study . Surely, your mind will be ready without any query, you will study with interest and concentration rather than a boring study.

For example : If you want to study for 3-4 hours then your mind will not ready quickly, Instead this, if you will give greed to your mind to study just one hour, I will not study at all after that. Then your mind will ready quickly to study. The most important thing is that you will not feel stressful during study.

#Follow a proper Time-Table. 

Everything of the world follow the time management ,whether it is sun, it is moon or it is other. It is very important to manage your time for a strong hold , a better identity and stay for long time in the world.

If you want to develop interest in develop interest and improve concentrate in study, then you should manage your time. Make a proper time table and give daily tasks to you in the early morning.

Believe me, this helps you a lot and save your time.

#Study in Silent Area.

To study for long time you should have a comfortable chair, a comfortable room, proper lighting and the most important a silent room where nobody disturb you. Your study area should be free from disturbances. Make sure you should not have disturb with any voice or anything else.

#Avoid phone and laptops as much as possible.

Mobile phone is a time consuming machine and peoples prefer to spent their time in mobile phone rather than studying because they have more interest in mobile phone. They spent many hours in mobile phone without any work. Only very few peoples use mobile phone in a correct way. This distract you again and again during study and pull your focus from study. Most of time, you think that you use mobile only for one hour but continue waste 3 and 4 hours while driving.

So, avoid mobile phones as much as possible during study. If possible, keep it out of your study room while you study. Trust me, if you will starts avoid from mobile, you will improve concentration and focus in study

#Select short and interested topics.

It have seen long hours study and long topics increase stress in study and loose your concentrate from study.

Many people make the mistake that they first start reading long topics in which they do not have any interest. And because of this mistake, they seem to be stressed instead of interest in studies.

 So if you want to more study without any stress, select short and interesting topics, First of all, study that subject in which you have the more interest.

For example :

 1.) First of all solve or study at very easy topics.

 2.) Solve or study at medium topics.

 3.) At last study or solve Difficult topics.

This will boost your confidence level and helps to develop interest in a subject.

#Leave bad company of friends.

A good company is also helps to achieve good carrier. Many people destroy their future because of bad company. if you are also in bad company and you have such friends who distract you from your study . So, leave such company and stay away those friends. Make good friends who can motivate you and help to boost your confidence .

#Study short and take break.

 Many people says that they study for 15 to 16 hours. But I will not recommend this because according to me it's not a correct way to study. Short hour + break study is one of the best study way. So, take short 15 minutes break after every hour. It will refresh your mind and helps you study swimmingly.

#Play outdoor games. 

I suggest you that play outdoor games such as cricket, football, kho-kho or others instead of battleground games during break time because sports help you manage your stress , during exercise our body release endorphins chemicals in our brain, that helps to reduce pain and stress.

Otherwise, you can prepare your future planning such as, what is your upcoming goals and how can you achieve these?

#Understand your topics and chapters briefly.

 Almost, mostly students don’t understand their topics or chapters inveterately. Due to this they don’t able to improve their concentrate and focus in study, they feel stress in starting. Deeply understanding of the chapter remember us till long time. It also helps to develop interest in studies and improve concentration and focus in study. 

#Be Motivated everyday.

Motivation helps to get back your confidence in your daily life. It also helps to reduce your stress and create a new hope of success, when you lose your all hopes. So, it is necessary to be motivated every time whether you are related to any field.

There are several ways which you can motivate such as videos, Successful person biographies, books and many more. You should have motivated before, whenever you go to study.

#Use study platforms instead social media platforms.

Many peoples waste their time on social media platforms without any reason. It will better for them that use study platforms such as byju’s, vedantu, unacademy and khan academy instead Instagram, Facebook, Mx taka tak or others social media apps. There are many platforms on the internet that teach childrens free of cost. Many students studied at home and passed their board classes by using these apps.

These will help you understand the topic better and will convert your boring study into an interesting study. These apps also provides chapter explanation videos, question videos with solution that helps in your better understanding.


Finally, these are the tips and tricks that helps to develop interest in studies and improve concentration and focus in study. If you have any doubt related to this topics please feel free and ask in the comment box.

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