How to get free diamonds in free fire 2021 tricks - earningsuite

What is diamonds in Free Fire? 

Diamonds are commonly known as the currency of Garena Free Fire. Which is mainly  used to buy events, wear accessories, weapons, elite passes or many more. However diamonds aren’t free of cost in Free Fire. In order to obtain diamonds in Garena Free Fire, you have to spend real life money to purchase diamonds of Free Fire.
How to get free diamonds in free fire 2021 tricks - earningsuite

In Garena Fire Fire, every player want to appear astounding look. But Some players don’t spend money in Free Fire due to some reasons. You can more enjoy the game if you have a better collection in free fire and achieve more respect from other players.

If you want to  obtain free diamonds in free fire without top up 2021,so stay here. This article provides you strange methods to achieve free diamonds in free fire 2021.

How to get free diamonds in free fire without top up 2021 by unique methods.

  1. Join Booyah 
  2. Take a part in Giveaways
  3. Play Games on Winzo
  4. Join Custom Rooms of Youtubers
  5. Google opinion Rewards
  6. Take a Part in Events.

   1. Connect with Booyah App.

Booyah app is a live streaming platform, which is evolved by Garena. Where peoples can Stream and Watch their favorite youtubers gameplay. Peoples can send gifts to youtubers and chat each other in the comment box.

   How to get free diamonds by using Booyah app.

Booyah is a app, that bestow multifarious rewards to users. Multiple tasks are available in this app from which you can earn various rewards.

Everyday youtubers giveaway lot of diamonds, Gun Skins and many more during live stream. If you watch their Gameplays about half hour definitely you can win various rewards.

You can get free diamonds by complete Booyah tasks. So if you want to free diamonds in your free fire account, join Booyah and watch live gameplay of youtubers and complete your daily tasks.

        2. How to get upto 1000 diamonds in free fire everyday by join Giveaways.

The Quantity of Gamers increase rapidly day by day at YouTube. YouTubers want more viewers and Subscribers for their channel growth and Monetization, So in order to achieve more viewers and Subscribers they give lot of diamonds everyday for their viewers.

Everyday Free Fire Streamers organise multifarious diamond giveaways and other rewards at their channels during live stream. Take a part in those giveaways can be advantageous, if you searching free diamonds for free fire.

If you want to get free diamonds in your free fire id, then you have to join giveaways on YouTube, If your luck will be better then you can win lot of free diamonds in free fire. However this depends on your luck.

3    3. How to get free diamonds in free fire without any hack.

Winzo is a most renowned mobile gaming app in India and well known as  Winzo Gold. Winzo is one of the best source to earn free money and earn free diamonds in free fire without any hack.

 In order to get free diamonds, you have to earn money by playing various games which you have interest and earn free tickets for games and Bonuses by daily Lucky Spin .

If you win money in Winzo app, then go to the Winzo store and top up diamonds from Winzo store. You can get double diamonds in Winzo store. Winzo provides diamonds according to daily or weekly bonuses. You should have minimum 78 rupees before going to top up.


4     4. Join YouTubers Custom Room.

If you are a Battle Ground player definitely you know about Rooms and Customs. Custom Mode is  a way, In which you can play with your selective players, whom you want to play.


Free Fire streamers have a habbit to play custom matches everyday for their practices either their enjoy. So they prefer to Giveaways in custom Rooms. They create custom and share his ID number and password at their channels. Big YouTubers give big rewards for winners. 

   5. Google opinion rewards

How to get free diamonds in free fire 2021 tricks - earningsuite

Google opinion rewards is a app, which is also developed by Google Team. Players can answer the surveys and earn Google Play Credit in your Account. With the help of earning credit they can utilize their credits to get free diamonds in your free fire account from Play Store.

Before using this application you need to sign up and fill up the required details. You can easily answer the questions in your language.

   6.   Take a part in Events. 

Free Fire organize diamonds events continuously, From which you can get 100% Bonuses from top up.

In order to get free diamonds you have to spend some amount of money in top up. However this arise a problem for new players.

Except this, Players can earn free diamonds from Booyah events  by uploading their clips on the Booyah app. But you have to follow some rules of Booyah.


FAQs related to How to get free diamonds in Free Fire in 2021.


Q1. How to hack diamonds in free fire in 2021?

There is no app or website for hacking free diamonds in free fire, but if you follow these steps honestly and regularly, Definitely these steps will advantageous for you in future.

Q2. Free Fire diamonds hack app and website?

99% websites are fake and time consuming that promise to hack or free diamonds, Because Free Fire give authority only some apps and websites that provides bonuses and free diamonds if you use them. If you want to achieve free diamonds in free fire without any hack, then you can download and use the given apps.

1.      Winzo

2.      Booyah

3.      Google opinion rewards

Q3. Best apps for earn free diamonds in free fire?

1.      Booyah

2.      Winzo

3.      Google opinion rewards



Today In this article we told the best tips and methods to get free diamonds in free fire 2021  without any hack. I hope this article is usable for you . 

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