How to increase unlimited likes in free fire - Earningsuite

How to increase unlimited likes in free fire - Earningsuite

Garena free fire
is an ultimate survival shooter game which is also the most downloaded game globally in 2020. After restriction of PUBG in India, it has become more popular day by day. 

Every person wants to look cool in this world.
He/She uses ornaments and clothes for his adornment. Similarly, a Player of Free Fire wants more like for his profile ornamentation because likes works as ornaments.

Players estimate you by looking at your profile in free fire. If you have more likes, then other players will reverence you if you have below 1K likes in your Free Fire Account, so other players convene you noob and laugh to scorn. From this, your heart feels sorrow and becomes despondent.

Don’t worry, today you are not here to be intermediate. You are here to be awesome because today in this article you get tips and tricks about free fire unlimited likes hack.

When you search on google how to increase your likes in free fire, then you get to see a lot of results. In which 90% results are time ruiners.

If you really search for a website which provides absolutely the right information, then you are at the right place. In this article you will get thorough knowledge about how to increase your likes in your free fire account.

I will not tell you about any free fire unlimited likes hack or free fire like increase app. Rather, I will tell you some powerful tricks and tips about how do you get more likes on free fire.

I have myself applied these tips and tricks and I have achieved more than 3K likes in one month. So, without time consuming, let’s get start.


Many players wouldn’t like this point because they will think that nickname doesn’t matter in like increasing in free fire.

This is the biggest misconception of those players. A good looking nickname plays a very important role in free fire like increasing.

If you write a dreaded, funny or beautiful nickname in free fire, believe me you will be able to get more likes. Many players watch other players' gameplay after death.

If they are impressed by your nickname, then they will definitely like you.

I will give you my live example - Presently, my nickname is ajjubhai94 in free fire, which helps me a lot. When I kill someone and they watch my gameplay and my nickname, they become Impress and like me.

From this trick, I am able to achieve 10 likes per match.

 Caution: Your nickname shouldn’t be related to invective or nudity. 

2.  Collection
How to increase unlimited likes in free fire - Earningsuite

If any person egress from home. He/She imbricate before going outside because they want to enhance their beauty. 

Similarly, if you play free fire, adornment your character as much as you can before playing. Your collection is your dignity in free fire.

Most people guess your status by your collection. So, keep in mind that you should have a better collection. I don’t talk about rare bundles. I want to say that wear premium clothes rather than free bundles.

If you adorn your character in a good way from which they are able to impress other players. I say surely that no one can stop you from getting likes.

Believe me, this trick really works as a free fire auto liker, It will help a lot to increase likes in free fire. 

3. Gameplay

As successful persons, says that hard working is the key of success. If you do better, you will achieve better.

If you want to increase your likes in free fire and want to attract other players. Then you should have a unique quality of gameplay which attracts the opponents survivals towards you during gameplay.

If you knock down some players or squads uniquely, They will become your fans after seeing your gameplay. Definitely nobody can stop them from liking, whether you have rare bundles or not.

Keep in mind your gameplay plays about 70% role in like increasing. If you play seriously and kill 5 to 6 enemies in a match, it will increase the interest of other players in your gameplay.

They will like your gameplay and send requests to you. 


1. Keep in mind your movement speed and weapon exchanging speed should be fast.

2. Kill enemies with headshot as much as possible. 

3. Don’t hide for a long time inside the houses.

This is one of the most important tricks that works as a free fire unlimited likes hack.

4. Legendary Emotes.

The number of emotes increased rapidly day by day in Garena free fire. Every month Garena launches 1 or 2 new emotes because emotes are a very important part of your collection, without legendary emotes you are as lame and hand chopped.

People use emotes to laugh to scorn opponents' survival. If you use your emotes in a correct way such as, after killing the enemy, during Booyah, at the time of one tap headshot and many more.

Then you can achieve 1K likes per month. Show your most legendary emote after killing an enemy.

This is the best time to show your emotes to opponents' survival. If more people track your gameplay, then you should show your best emotes again and again.

Emotes will also help to increase your likes in free fire.

5. Play Clash squad as much as possible. 

Clash squad one of the most famous mod in Garena free fire.Which is also noun as short time mod.

Mostly people’s use this mode only for like increasing. Actually this mode is treasure of likes along with Short time mod.

If you haven’t legendary emotes, Rare bundles and Gun Skins but even you can increase your likes in free fire by using this magical like hacking mod.

Benefits of Clash Squad Mod.

1. Short time mod ( Less time consuming ). 

2. Treasure of likes. 

3. Improve your gameplay. 

4. Introduce new friends quickly. 

5. Better option for 1 vs 4 and One tap headshot practice. 

I will advice you, that play Clash Squad with your team mates or friends because they will give you like quickly and definitely. 

6.  Survive Long 

It has been seen many times that mostly player give like those players who survive till long time.

Whether you don’t kill any enemy but if you survive till long time. Then you can get 3 or 4 likes definitely. 

This is the best occasion to show your abilities and skills to the enemies. It will increase your free fire likes and chances of your Booyah.

7. Play with Teammates or Friends.
How to increase unlimited likes in free fire - Earningsuite

Your friends helps a lot to increase your likes in free fire because sometimes your all friends has been die and you alone urge till the end.

Your friends will give like you , if you say them. They see your gameplay till the end. The other benefit of Play with friends is that, when somebody see your likes more, He/She think that you are pro player after see your likes and they also give you like. 

If you want to increase your likes in free fire rapidly then I will advice that play with teammates rather than unknown players because you can’t say them for likes . 

8. Play Battle Royale Rank Mode . 

Pro players prefer to play Battle Royale Rank Modes rather than others and this is the reason of their most likes in free fire. 

I also prefer to play Rank Mode because it is the mode where you can show your all qualities, whether it movement,
Collection,Legendary Emotes or it is headshot.

Only this is the mode, where more players watch your gameplay. Sometimes many players achieves 30 to 40 likes in one Rank Match.

If your rank is about Diamond 4 or Heroic , then you can achieve likes automatically and rapidly. Rank attract other players to like you. 

These are the most powerful and valuable tips and tricks, which helps you a lot. If you follow these tips and tricks believe me that , these tips and tricks works as free fire like generator. But you can see results of these powerful tips and tricks only, when you follow in a regular way with hard working. 

Some free fire like increase hacks. 

1. Play Training mode daily about 30 minutes.
2. Use your most attractive Gun skins.

3. Kill with headshots. 

4. Play 1 vs 4 at least one time in day. 

5. Use Revival Cards to animate your friends after when they have like you. 

Many players search different types of questions for like increasing such as : 


Free Fire like increase hack? 
Free Fire auto liker? 
Free Fire likes hack? 
Free Fire like increase app? 
Free Fire like generator? 
Free Fire unlimited likes hack? 

Today I will solve your all queries from one answer, so stay continue till the end.


There is no website or app for free fire unlimited likes hack. You can find lot of websites and apps, which shows you a fake title how to increase likes in free fire but after enter these websites or apps. You realize that these are totally useless and time consuming. 

The main motive of these websites is that, they increase their traffic to promote their products by fake title. 

So I will recommend you that don’t seduce in those websites and don’t waste your precious time. 

If you have any doubt about this topic, Feel Free and ask your doubts in the comment box and subscribe our website for latest updates.

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