Top 5 Business ideas with low investment and high profit | low investment business in india -earningsuite.

Top 5 Business ideas with low investment and high profit | low investment business in india -earningsuite.


Buying or selling any item for its own benefit is called business.Every person in the world has to either buy or sell something for his own benefit, so buying or selling any thing is called business.To sell or buy an item for its own benefit is also called business.There are two ways to start a business. One, we can start business by investing and secondly we can start business by purchasing.


Investment means that you have to invest money to start a business and the money you have invested in the business, you have not received anything in return for that money. Now the business can run or not, but the money that you have invested, this money has gone out of your hands.

#Purchasing?   OR  "0" Investment?

Purchasing means that you have bought some products to start your business.That you have got the product in exchange for the money that you have invested. The business you started by purchasing.There is no loss of your money in it because you have got products in lieu of your money.

If you search low investment business in india then you are right place because today I will tell you Top 5 Business ideas with low investment and high profit. So let's get started. 

#1. Business Ideas And Plans Seller.

You know that every country has a currency.If a country's currency is rupee, then it is a dollar, and someone's euro is rials and pounds.This is how the idea of ​​a human currency is! Whoever has the idea, the price will be the same.If you want to earn money, then you make the best plans and ideas from the best of doing business and start selling them to the people.Crores of people want to do business, but they do not have a good ideas or plans to do business and hence they are not able to start business.To do business for such people, create a plan from the best to the best and make a plans and start selling them to the peoples.There are millions of investors who are always searching for a good ideas or plans to buy your ideas and plans, which they can invest money on.Now how much money you charges depends on you or on your ideas or plans.If you want, you can also keep your partnership instead of giving people your plan!Now you can guess. How much money can you earn as much as you like, this is a business in which you can earn crores?

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#2. Real Estate Advisor. 

There are two ways of doing real estate business. One is to work as a builder and the other to work as a broker or adviser.If you want to work as a builder, then you have to invest a lot in it. But if you work as a broker or advisor, there is zero investment in it.You already know that real estate is a property business.And you may also know that money is more than enough in this property

business.Our main job in the real estate business is to connect customers with the builder.In the real estate business we have inventory to sell. Plots, Flats, Floors, Shops  & Villa etc.It is necessary to become a successful businessman in real estate. Having some qualities inside us.Such as the Skills, Experience, Network and  Mindset.

For examples. 

(i) Skills! Communication skills, Network Making Skills, Personality Skills And Relationship Building Skills.

(ii) Experience! To learn the real estate business, you can work for two to three years in this field and understand and learn this business well.

(iii) Network! The more you build your network, the more customers will come to you and the more money you will earn, that's why you should come to build a network.

(iv) Mindset! It is necessary to become a successful businessman.  Our mindset should be clear, which will lead us in the right direction and do not let us go anywhere.

All these quality will help us succeed in real estate business.

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#3. Blog Writer OR Content Writer.

(i) Blog! 

To become a blog writer, first of all we have to create our blog.We can make our blog on these sites. Like as , ,Medium.Com,,WordPress.Com and LinkedIn.

(ii) Build Your Portfolio?

Here we have to select on which content we will write our article or script?For this, we dissect some content topics such. Health, Education, Economy, Motivations, Sports, Gaming, News, Fashion, History, Technology, Life Style, Business etc.

(iii) Writing 100% Original Script/Article?

To know if our content100% is original or not, we can check our content at and .

(iv) How can we make money?

(a), and Content writing orders are available on these websites. From here we will write content by taking orders and can earn money.

(b) We can also earn money by doing affiliate marketing.

(c) We also earn from the views that come on our blog.

(d) Likewise, many other options sleep with blog writers to earn money.The script you are currently reading is also a blog writer's business.This is a business that can give us success in four to five years of hard work and also good money.

#4 .Network Marketing Business. 

Network marketing is a business starting from zero investment.Network marketing is the only industry in the world that gives opportunity to every person to do business on zero investment.Within the network marketing industry, we start our business only by purchasing some products we need to start our business.

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Network marketing is a business in which you spend 4 to 5 years working hard and building a good team.As long as that team keeps working, you will always have a good income.That team will do the work for itself but still you will keep getting money from the company because it is a team made by you.Network marketing is a business that can give you retirement within five to six years.Network marketing is a business that gives you passive income.Network marketing is a good industry to do business. In this industry, you can earn good money, name and respect.The most important thing in the network marketing business is that you can never have any kind of loss.In the network marketing industry, all you have to do is sell the company's product, which you can easily do. Alone and also by making a good team.If you want to retire in the network marketing industry, then you should do this business by building a team.There is so much money in the network marketing industry that you want to earn as much as you want.

#5. Insurance Advisory Business?

Can you start an insurance advisory business without investing money?In today's era, getting insurance has become a necessity for every human being.There are many types of insurance viz. Life Insurance or Personal Insurance, Property Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance, Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Liability Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, Guarantee Insurance, Pet Insurance etc.

Top 5 Business ideas with low investment and high profit | low investment business in india -earningsuite.

Many types of education are also given to learn the insurance advisory business.

You can also be successful in insurance advisory business and can earn crores of rupees.And in the coming times, the insurance advisory business will grow very fast.To be successful in this insurance business, you have to make yourself a best advisor so that you can Agree people by explaining the benefit of insurance.Thousands of new diseases are occurring every day. That is why all people consider it necessary to have insurance for their safety.Insurance business is a business that is growing rapidly with time.Insurance business will never end because insurance has become a very important for safety and necessity of human being today.If you start an insurance business, can you become a rich and successful businessman?

These are the Top 5 Business ideas with low investment and high profit . If you want to more articles about low investment business then subscribe our website for more articles. 

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