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          Introduction of Humanity 

Humanity is exits in every human being of the world. A human being is not a completely human without humanity. 

A human being without humanity will become a devil, men killer, thief, robber, liar, sinner, traitor and has more evils.for examples, that to rob anybody, that to betrayal anybody and that reach to loss anybody. 

The world without humanity is will become completely destroyed. The humanity is a symbol of love, equality, helping nature, believe, feelings, freedom,truth, honestly, Justice, respect, pride, honour, goodness, mercy, kindness and so on.for examples, if today we are seeing love to each another in human being, So it is only because of humanity.We are believing to each other, we are helping to each other, So it is only because of humanity.

The humanity is an emotion of love. The humanity is bond of relation and relationship. The humanity is a field of happiness, strength, helping, expectations, reality, Justice, love, emotions, feelings, understanding, equality, liberty, goodness, honour, hope, respect, patience, pride and so on. 

The humanity is only one way to make the world happily, safe and peaceful.

Humanity in 19th century and now present time ?

  • In 19th Century

If we talk about the 19th century, then in that century people fought only for their country and thousands of people gave their lives to liberate the country.There was no caste among people in that century.

There was only patriotism and brotherhood. Nobody used to fight for religion. Everyone used to fight for the country.In the 19th century, all the people fought together to liberate the country and sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country.

People did not forget brotherhood and patriotism even as slaves in the 19th century because humanity was alive inside them.Everyone considered his siblings and parents like him and respected and helped everyone.

The identity of every human being in the 19th century was Hindustani. Every person was a true patriot.Because humanity was alive in the hearts of people in that century and humanity was their religion and humanity was their constitution.

  •  Humanity in Present Time

In today's era, as humanity is over, neither patriotism is seen nor brotherhood is seen.In this century, only people are fighting in the name of religion and caste and killing each other.

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Humanity has ended in us and we are killing each other in the name of religion and caste.How many girls are raped every day. How many are being murdered and how many are being robbed?Today we have not become human beings. They remain enemies of each other's life.

There is no mercy in us, no mercy and now we have become shameless and shameless.To kill someone is a sport. It has become our hobby to rob someone's honor.And killing people in the name of dharma jat paat keeps us doing good and respectful work.All this people of this century have made their future.

If people in the 19th century fought for the religion caste like the people of today, then the country would be a slave and all of us would have been slavery because the humanity of today's people is dead and people have become infuriated.

  • Important role play in the human beings life's for humanity.

  •   The Parents

Our parents are important role play in our life for upbringing . Our upbringing decide make us good human being and cruel human being. Our good upbringing creates humanity in us and our bad upbringing creates hawkishness in us. Every child follow his parents life journey. Their attitude, ability, behavior, habbits, nature, quality, and so on because his parents are his super heroes.

What is Humanity | Humanity still exists - earningsuite

He learns to all of things to his parents life.Childhood is a period in every person's life in which he learns everything from his parents which his parents will teach him. He will learn the same.Childhood is a time in every person's life in which he does not know anything about the world. Whatever his parents teach him about the world, he will learn what his parents want to teach him.

If his parents teach him to be a good person and explain what is humanity. He will remain a good person in the society and live his good life.If his parents teach him that every person has his own life, just as the son is your life importer.And just as a son is important to you and we are important to you, similarly his son and his parents are important to every human being in the world.And explain to him that son, never cheat anyone, never hurt anyone's heart. Never kill anyone. 

Never harass anyone, never trouble anyone.My dear son, every human's life is precious. Every person's life is important for his loves for his parents.Every human has the opportunity to live only once in the world. The child who would have learned from his parents in his life, the child will grow up and follow him in his life.If parents teach their child that before taking any decision in their life, every person should make a decision by feeling in their place.

And explained to him how important a man's life is for his beloved, for his mother, for his father, for his sister, for his brother, for his wife, for his children. Every person's life is very important Never kill anyone.Never take someone's life.If the son makes a mistake, forgive him. If someone hurts you, tolerate it, if someone does something, then someone tolerates it, if someone hurts you, you cry, someone beat you and you save yourself. If you ask for any help, definitely be his support. But never let anyone die. Never take someone's life, never take someone's life.

  •   The Teachers

 A teacher can do a good role play to teach his student about humanity, because a teacher is a nation maker and the world best creatures . A teacher is always trying to make his student better and better. 

A person spends 20 to 22 years of his life studying .We get education so that we can become a better person and keep humanity alive.Education makes a human being a better person.If children are taught the books of humanity along with the books of education, then every child can learn, understand and understand what is human.

Every human being is equal, no small person is big.To be successful in life, it is necessary for us to have humanity.Humanity is necessary to keep justice and honesty alive.

Our education can also make us successful only when humanity is alive in our life.To keep humanity alive, we have to forget our greed, our anger, our enemies.We can keep humanity alive in our lives by helping the vulnerable destitute people.By sticking to goodness, truth and right, we can keep humanity alive in our life.Humanity will be alive in our life as long as we continue to support right and truth in our life.The day we stopped supporting right and truth, on that day our humanity will end and the purpose of our life will end.

By helping people by supporting people, by creating brotherhood among people and by creating love among people, we can keep humanity alive.When it comes to right and truth, people forget right and truth. Let's see ourselves and strangers.If we do not support ourselves and strangers, we will support right and truth, then humanity will always be alive in our lives.

People today consider money to be the biggest success, but this is wrong thinking.Humanity is the most successful human being inside.

Helping the troubled people, feeding the hungry, dressing the naked people and becoming the power of the weak is the hallmark of humanity.

Just as in a teacher schools, colleges and universities all the students studying are treated equal, similarly every human being in the world should be considered equal and humanity should be kept alive.The one who is making friends in a relaxed life, is not making an enemy who is in love in a relaxed life. He is not in hate.

That's why learn to love, not hate, make friends learn, not to make enemies.

  • The Religions

Whatever religion there is in the world, every religion teaches people to be good human beings and brotherhood as a human being teaches that every human being on earth is our siblings.And we are all like a family.All religions teach that one human being should help another person. 

Each other should be supported. Love should be maintained and should be in harmony with each other.Every human being is like a beautiful flower and humanity is its fragrance.

No religion teaches anyone to harass or harass anyone.Rather, religion teaches us to live together and support each other.No religion in the world teaches to deceive anyone, to take someone's life, to rob someone's honor or to rob someone's goods.

All religions teach people to walk in the path of honesty, Faithfully, reality and help people.All religions teach that the greatest and greatest human being is the person within whom humanity is alive.Religion does not teach you to do wrong or kill people of other religions!

Religion teaches that stay united, treat people of all religions well and do not cause them any kind of trouble.No religion is small or big. No person is smaller than a caste.Religion teaches that there is only one one who produces us all. 

We should not fight in the name of religion caste.Do not speak wrong about any religion.Do not call any religion small or big.And do not kill anyone in the name of religion.

Every human being in the world is brother and sister of each other, irrespective of any religion.for examples,

The Islam, The Hindu, The Christian and The The Sikh.There is no religion greater than humanity in the world.And the purpose of every religion is to teach humanity.

A person who does not have a humanity has no religion.The purpose of every religion in the world is to teach humanity to mankind.And the person who does not have humanity, he is not a human being, but he is devil.

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