How can someone make money online with a smartphone? || earningsuite

Do you want to know about how can someone make money online with a smartphone? Earn money online through mobile phone is not too hard. Only you need to little bit work with honestly and keep patience for a moment. Soon you will be see your results and earn money from mobile internet in India . This article is specially for those peoples who are searching best ways to earn money online on mobile without investment. If you are excited to know about the ways to make money from your phone 2021. So stay continue.............. 

How can someone make money online with a smartphone? || earningsuite

Introduction About Make Money Online? 

As you know, in this  digital era's mobile phones become a central part of our life. Because we use mobile phone for our different purposes such as : Business , Shopping, Marketing, Entertaining, Communicating and lots more. 

Mobile phone becomes our need day by day because during this pandemic lot of offline businesses are shift offline to online, Schooling Education Shift offline to online. So every child above than 10 years are able to use mobile phone easily. 

Every day we unnecessarily spend more than 3 hours on the mobile phone. But if we use our time in a right way then we can make extra  money from my phone for free by using your smartphone + internet. 

 It is a pandemic time and many peoples are unemployed during this pandemic. If you have free time and you want to make money from your mobile phone in 2021, than stay continue till the end of post. 

Because today I will share best ways  to earn money online on mobile without any investment. Maybe you already know about these apps but still you don't know how do i earn money online from a phone? So without wasting time let's get started and learn how to earn money online on mobile without any investment? 

How to make money through mobile phone? 

There are lot of platforms, apps and websites by which you can earn money through mobile phone in 2021.If you have passion in anything and you can spend your little bit on that platforms. Then definitely you can earn money online on mobile without any investment. 

1. Start Your Domain Selling Business. 

Maybe you already know about Domain. A Domain Name is string of texts, which is a particular address to reach a website. There are over 600 million blogs in all over the world, out of over 1.7 billion websites.  So you must have understood about the domain name from this information. So let's get know about how to earn money through mobile phone by starting a domain selling business. 

Million peoples shift their business offline to online, Also they make a website to promote their business in all over the world. So,  every year million domains  are purchased from domain selling websites. 

If you searching  such a business ideas with  low investment and high profit, then domain selling business is a perfect business idea for you. Whether you are student Or a unemployment person. 

How to Start Domain Selling Business 

 Understand and Choose a right path of your business is more important than starting a business. So let's get know how to start domain selling business and earn money online from phone. There are two ways to start a domain selling business, 

1. Expired Domains Business

2. New Domains Business

  •  Expired Domains 

Over million domains are expired every year but these domains are also purchased by new peoples every year because they want to start their website with high authority. Moreover bloggers are also prefer to connect their website with high authority domains. So, you can find  an old domain from expired domain selling websites such as and register it on domain selling websites such as GoDaddy, Bluehost and lots more. After buying this domain you can sell it on your own price. Before buy a domain name keep in mind that the authority of the domain name should be high because the higher your authority, the higher the price,  you can sell your domain at your reasonable price.

Moreover you can promote your domain to selling at different social media platforms. So, selling an expired domain is the perfect online business idea to earn money online through mobile phone in 2021.

  • New Domain Business 

You have only buy a new Domain Name and work it on about three months  to earn money online from this business. Many peoples have  interest in writing diaries, thoughts and lots more. If they can share their thoughts and ideas with peoples by their blog, then they can easily earn money by their blog and website. If you don't interested in writing blogs, then you can sell your domain or your blog. After increasing his Domain and Page Authority. New Domain Business is one of the perfect business to earn money online from mobile phone, whether you are Student or You are women. 

2. Make Money Online by Pinterest

Pinterest is an American image discovery engine, where you can share your small video clips, images, GIFs and lots more in the form of pins. According to Wikipedia Pinterest had over 478 million active users every month. Maybe you also use Pinterest but still you don't know how to earn money online from Pinterest. 

Actually, Pinterest is one of  the  best way to earn money online because here you don't need to write an article or you don't need to make your videos. Only have upload some images and videos in the form of pins, After grow your montly audience on Pinterest, you can do affiliate marketing with Pinterest and run sponsored ads on your Pinterest account to make money online through smartphone in 2021.

Moreover Pinterest is the best way to promote your business in the World Wide Web and it is also best way to boost your website or YouTube audience. 

3. Earn Money by logo Design 

Nowadays, logo is the main part of business identity,  Every Brand and Industry use a personal logo to spread their identity in all over the world. Many peoples  want to shift their business offline to online with their logo but they don't know about logo designing. So, they buy a logo from different websites such as: fiverr, Design Crowd, Creative Market and many more.  So, if you know about logo making than you can make money online for free through phone. 

Steps to sell you logos online and make money by mobile phone. 

First of all you have to choose a website by which you want to sell or promote your logos. Moreover keep it mind that your logo should be unused. 

1. Sign up in a logo selling Website. 

2.Complete your details in your Account. 

3.Select a logo to upload on website but  make sure you have not sell this logo to any person. Your logo should be unused. 

3.Modify and Customize your logo design such as Dimensions and Name. 

4. You have to upload your logo and set a reasonable price. 

5. After uploading you can promote and sell your logo easily. 

So, logo selling business is a easy business idea to earn money online without any investment. You can earn upto lakh rupees every month by selling your unused logos. 

4. Make money online by Quora 

Quora is a discussion platform, where you can share you questions and answers with peoples. Moreover this a good way to grow your online business and earn money online through mobile phone. You can earn money from qoura by giving the answers of questions. 

1. First of all you have sing up to join Quora. 

2. Complete your profile by following some spaces, questions and some peoples. 

3. Choose your comfort zone in which you have interest. ( Sports, Blogging, Science, Technology, Politics and many more.) 

4. Work honestly and give some trending answers. Keep it mind your answers should be clear and easy to understand. According to Quora Policy you don't insert any promotion link in starting days. 

5. Wait for a moment and try to improve your answers. 

6. After grow your audience you can sell your affiliate products on Quora and make money online. Moreover you can promote some apps in sponsorship. 

7. Also peoples will offers you for content writing on their blogs . 

After workhard with honesty on Quora, definitely you will receive ton  offers of make money online at home by your smartphone. Moreover Quora is a best platform  to achieve information and learning. 

5. Make Money Online Using Blogger

Blogger is an American online Content Management System ( CMS ), which is also a product of Google. Many peoples use blogger to make money online using a smartphone. If you are little bit interested in content writing, then you can start your blog  with a free subdomain 

After starting a blog in your comfort zone ( Sports, Fashion, Politics, New, Health and many more ) . Work honestly and try to produce a best quality content, Which is helpful, Clear and  Easy to Understand. The higher your audience and traffic the higher your earning by blog. So, try to increase your audience and traffic. 

Soon you will get AdSense approval at your blog and start make money online with your mobile phone. Moreover you can do affiliate marketing to earn more money  by your blog . After getting AdSense approval you can sell your blog too. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) 

Q 1.  How to Earn Money Online on Mobile? 

Ans :  Make money online isn't climbing a huge mountain. It's just simple you have to do some work  in your free time. There are lots  websites and apps such as ( fiverr, Quora,Pinterest,Instagram,Blogger and many more) , which offers to make money online for free. 

Steps to earn money online. 

1. Select your comfort zone. 

2. Produce best quality content. 

3. Grow your Audience and Traffic. 

4. Keep patience, you will earn money very soon. 

Q 2. How to make money from mobile apps? 

Ans. Nowadays mostly peoples spent their time on mobiles  . But if you invest your time with some apps, definitely you can earn money online from your smartphone for fulfill your daily life needs.  ( Pinterest, Fiverr, Quora, Instagram, YouTube, Winzo) are the some most popular apps which offers you to make money online with mobile phone. Moreover you can earn money online by paid editing or designing. 


Today we have discuss about how can someone make money online with a smartphone? . In this post I already tell you best 5 ways to make money online for free through your phone. If you will work it on with honestly and patiece. Definitely you will start earn a good amount of money. 

Please feel free and share your doubts in the comment box, I will reply as soon as possible but don't forget to allow our bell notification. 

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